• Sara Templeman


Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Do you Love dogs? Do you Love Bingo?! Then get yourself to Doggie Bingo at Dabbers Social Bingo.

How did this even come about?!?! So, this amazing couple attended a bingo show at Dabbers Social Bingo on a Sunday afternoon in the Summer of 2019. I was in attendance as a punter and met their little cutey pie pug dog called Monty (pictured) It was love at first pug sight and in what can only be described as a moment of pure genius, Ditzy Ritzy realised that she could combine her two biggest loves in life: DOGS & BINGO! After a little chat with the wonderful people at Dabbers, we came up with London's first ever DOGGIE BINGO EVENT!

In attendance at our launch event in September 2019 were some of the UK's most famous pooches and their owners. It was literally the best day of my life so far! Eroc the dog skate boarded all over the venue, Puggy Smalls brought the pug life to the party with Pop Sausage, Daisy & Delilah representing the sausage doggies! We had just pawfect prizes from our friends at Pets Pyjamas including organic doggy spray, yummy tasty doggie biccies, eco dog toys, doggie goody bags filled to the brim with canine treats.

With one successful event under our belts we organised another Doggie Bingo. This one was even bigger than the last with our Day of the Dog Halloween theme drawing in some spooky dressed up pooches & owners! We ran a tricks for treats competition and best in show prizes for fancy dress efforts from our furry and human friends! Lily the pug returned with all her puggy friends and totally stole the show with multiple pug-attendance. Eroc skateboarded in again dressed as rocker Axel Rose, we even had Mr Gizmo The Pug dressed as MJ. Wrong on many levels, but possibly the most genius Halloween costume? Not forgetting 'Star Paws' with Chewy the Chewbacca and his owners Darth Vader & Hans Solo! Brewdog were oh so generous donating their SubWoofer doggie beer, yes beer for the doggies as well as branded water bowls, dog toys, socks, tote bags all sorts. Pets Pyjamas once again came up doggie trumps with such generous prizes including a travel gift voucher for one lucky owner and their pooch to getaway together!

It was once again the best day of my doggie loving life hanging out with human's best friends all afternoon whilst playing my fave game Bingo. Other highlights for me include meeting the stunning Kiki & Koji (pictured) two Shiba Inu pups and their gorg owners!

Thanks to all that have visited us so far and Dabbers Social Bingo for hosting the bestest bingo dog day I could have dreamed of! The next Doggie Bingo will be on Sunday 2nd February and we can't wait to welcome you all again to play for a full dog house! Can I please get a round of app-paws! OH YES SHE DID!!!!! (Sorry Pop Sausage, pictured)

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