• Sara Templeman

Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal

I spent February - March 2019 on tour with Marie Curie and their Great Daffodil Appeal. The appeal raises awareness for the charity who provide nurses, volunteers and hospices for people at the end of their life and their families.

We toured the Giant Daffodil around the UK, visiting Swansea, Bristol, Manchester (me home town baaaabe!) Birmingham, Belfast (New fave place!) & Edinburgh. We were joined by a whole host of local Marie Curie staff at each city like nurses who dedicate their life to care and amazingly generous people who volunteer their time for free to support the charity. The Giant Daffodil popped up in shopping centres in these cities and we encouraged members of the public to take some time out of their day to remember someone. They could write a tribute or commemorative message on the daffodil, stop by and join us for a chat, share their story in whatever way they felt was right for them.

It was incredibly moving, I learnt the life stories of complete strangers, people shared intimate memories of people they had lost, often very sad accounts of cancer or terminal illness.

One thing that stood out was how resilient and strong people are, even after going through trauma and loss. We met people who had fought cancer and won and others who had lost their whole families. It was a very emotional job and I shared a lot of cuddles and tears along the way. It was also life affirming. One message that stood out for me was

"Don't leave end of life wishes until the end of lIfe"

I am taking that mantra forward in life.

Live every day to the fullest.

Hold everyone you care for close.



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