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NIVEA FUN with Race For Life!

This Summer I am hosting and compering a bunch of shows for NIVEA with Race for Life & Cancer Research UK with my good pals at Rockaoke. It is such a wonderful event to be a part of, sharing such an emotional and important day with lots of people and their loved ones.

I ran Race For Life many moons ago with a group of friends, we were running for a friend (only in her mid twenties) who was facing a gruelling battle with a rare form of cancer. Being there in Crystal Palace on Sunday was such an uplifting experience and reminded me of the importance of supporting these events, for their message is simple. BUGGER OFF CANCER! Luckily the lady we ran for survived and won and has been in remission for many years. Below are some piccies from back then where we embraced the pink theme! I realise its not always a positive outcome for sufferers, and that was evident last weekend, however this event is so powerful, as it it honours people who have fought and won and fought and lost, everyone all together, with all sorts of experiences. It's extremely moving.

At this Race For Life, we were part of the NIVEA Shower Empowered stage, a platform of showers with bubbles flying everywhere, NIVEA goody bags and participants and their families getting up and singing their favourite songs onstage with us karaoke style. The crowd were amazing, we sang and danced along to hits like 'I'm Every Woman' and 'Girls Just Want to have FUN' Lots of empowering tunes celebrating women and their power and achievements were chosen which was apt as Race For Life is an all female event, so only women run! There were some very emotional performances as people sang songs remembering loved ones they lost and giving shout outs and dedications to family members and friends! It was really celebratory and empowering and moving all at the same time!

Absolute highlights included a very young singer called Moses and his mum who duetted and closed the event with Uptown Funk, working the crowd like proper pro's. We had local community groups come up like Streatham Sunday Morning Running Club and Mitcham Harts Netball team! My personal fave moment was all the crowd dancing along to Candy by Cameo!

Events like this just confirm why I do all of this. Each event is so unique and brings people together with music and fun. Being together, forming communities and having a shared experience is what its all about. When its all for a super worthy cause, it is even more sweet.

Thanks to Rockaoke for getting me involved in this and looking forward lots to Cardiff next month!

Peace & Love to you all x

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