• Sara Templeman


Yep a society for absolute GLEEEE. And Glee comes in the shape of a sweet little weekly Monday evening meet up at Queen of Hoxton where a bunch of strangers meet and SING!

The Glee Society starts on Monday evening (9th April) and we will be looking at two songs both mega hits for a super famous DJ / Producer who has reworked mega hits for a bunch of international artists. Any guesses whoooo?

Each week we will look at a different artist, genre or theme so it will always be different. There will be mega warm up techniques for voice and body and defs some dance moves thrown in there as well for good measure!

You dont need to be a singer, just LOVE singing and be up for a laugh. Arrangements should be easy to follow for all abilities. Whatever happens happens. Oh and there is a bar too!

Hopefully if people keep coming along we might even get a little concert together at some point for friends and family to come hear us sing!!! LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!!!!!

Join us Monday from 7pm.

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