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Well get yourself down to The Walrus over on Ship Street - just a hop and a skip from the beach. Every Tuesday evening you are invited to come and play a quiz written and delivered by meeeeee !! The Walrus has an amazing menu as well - everything you could ever want. Pizza !!! Gluten free fish and chips !!! and the cheesy chips looked DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway more about the quiz. . .

We launched this week on 3 April and it was such an amazing turn out - thanks to everyone who came and got fully engrossed in the madness.

The mega arty farty round was epic and we made Easter bonnets out of absolute faff like wool, shower poufs, feathers and the contents of my recycling bin! Recycling the recycling!! We managed a rowdy scavenger hunt for Chocolate eggs with people popping balloons and hopping around like Easter bunnies! I even got a G&T out of it from a guest. Also big up to the Tuaca crew and my cheeky shot. OOPS!

There were some questions too! Two rounds dedicated to fun facts, all with answers lending itself to the theme of the evening: Springtime and Easter (hence the bunny outfit!)

The shit news round asks you questions on celebrity gossip, general news relating to the theme and sometimes not, depending on what happens on this crazy planet! We even like to chuck some local Brighton knowledge and last week had a question featuring a fact about ChockyWockyDooDah and their amazing chocolatey treats!

Next week (Tues 10th) our theme is The Animal Kingdom. Expect MP3 files of animal noises, I shall be dressed as my favourite type of animal - can you guess which one? (Not a bunny again sadly) I greatly encourage dressing up on theme as well by the way. More arty farty-ness will occur as well as a mega lets get quizzical round and not forgetting the mega music round too where every song or artist will feature the name of an animal obvs!

Oh and the prizes. Helloooooo:

£30 CASH




Booby prize too ;)

So come on you filthy animals book your slot NOW. Teams of 6 maximum from now!

BOOK ONLINE and choose Tuesday Quiz in the drop down here:


Peace & LoveLove

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