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Quiz on my face its another QUIZ. This isn't any ordinary pub quiz. . .

It's from within the bedazzled sequinned glitter saturated brain of Ditzy 'Quizzy' Ritzy so who knows what the hell might happen or what questions you may get asked and how the hell its all scored.

Fancy a quizzy with a bit more than serious questions and general knowledge like which river flows betweeen blahhhhhh blaaaah and wooooooooo woooooooo and what is the capital of Sweden? Fed up of that team winning EVERY WEEK with their I know more than you know smugness?

NO? Well do NOT read on. Bye Bye!

YES? With me? Then read on thrill seeker. . .

It is the quiz you always dreamed of. Minimal intellect required, just a penchant for a bloody good time, not too much seriousness with some creativity encouraged. Perhaps a spot of dress up and a garnish of celebrity gossip and shit news washed down with themed music rounds sometimes played live on magical instruments or even sung at you in a mysteriously strange way. A chance to forget yourselves, team up with your bestests, get a bit jolly in whatever way you like to get jolly and dance and sing and make a tit of yourself*

Coming soon to a venue by the seaside in Brighton is this. . . .


*Making a tit of yourself is always optional but greatly encouraged

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