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The House of Fun Weekender, a festival weekend curated and headlined on both nights by mega band Madness happens every year at Butlins in Minehead in November. It is....Madness.

(Ice cream confusion in the accommodation 2017)


(In training to be a red coat 2015)

Minehead is a Somerset seaside town, it is out of season, it's an iconic British holiday camp taken over by thousands of Ska fans who all come there for one reason - MADNESS. In every sense of the word. It is utterly bizarre, wonderful, a bit like a zombie apocalyptic holiday park one minute then all of a sudden it will be a hive of mass activity where you are immersed by thousands of people bopping and singing along to 'Welcome to the House of Fun' performed Live by Madness. The next minute you are playing on a slot machine in an empty arcade winning a cuddly toy or buying a Butlins bag from the supermarket or contemplating the assault course which includes a tight rope bicycle or a swim and a go on the indoor swimming pool's waterslide.

(Dance of the Dead pictured 2017)

It always rains. It is always freezing. I always lose my voice. But every year I return and it is an absolute annual highlight in my hosting and compering calendar.

(Musical Bingo 2017)

I do three gigs over the weekend on each evening with my favourite agency 'It's Unknown' hosting and compering their shows Musical Bingo, Dance of The Dead and Bring & Share. We get to dress up in fancy dress (this year as multiple IT Clowns) Stuff our faces at the diner or with fish and chips and drink until we can't bear to drink anymore (regrettably - usually after attempting to finish our first night's rider which is an impossible task) We meet such wonderful characters year on year from 'Foot Loose CJ' to 'The Bus Boys' to getting papped with Super Hans. Suggs got on stage with us and we got completely mobbed by hundreds of his fans. It is never dull.

I can't reveal too much about what really happens. . . . but hopefully the piccies will explain more than my rambling words could.



They call it Madness'


(IT Clown. Just for shits & giggles 2017)


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