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Moving to Brighton

I have lived in London for 17 years, relocating here from Manchester when I was 18 to go to Middlesex University. I never looked back, as my parents drove off leaving me in 'Hollywood Green' (Wood Green's cinema complex which was opposite my halls!) I knew I had made it! In my head just being in London was enough!

I spent the next decade and some getting a degree, going to drama school, partying, making lifelong friends, working in clubs, pubs, bars, entertaining people at interactive club nights, did a year acting in the west end, refused entry to idiots on doors, met promoters, sang in bands, put on events, ran vintage markets, performed at festivals, hosted ping pong parties, acted in numerous plays, co-founded an award winning theatre company, a promotional agency and then an events company. Ran a folk night and nearly got signed in a band. I temped, answered phones, did admin, worked in a shoe shop, flyered in covent garden, generally did anything I could do to show off and support showing off!

Sounds tiring right?

So I decided to move to a BIGGER city and after a very brief stint in NYC, which was a game changer in life, I returned to London in 2014 and have felt since that my hearts not been here. It is an incredible city, vibrant and buzzy and it really has been home to me for my whole adult life but I almost felt like I had exhausted it a bit and it had exhausted me too. Not surprising given my history above!

So it's time for a new adventure, a slightly slower pace. Not too slow mind, Brighton has always been where I could imagine having lots of fun, just in a slightly less draining way. I have gigged there before hosting sausage dog competitions, performing at Brighton Fringe and hosted various gigs at all sorts of venues. Its always felt like home from home and now it will be HOME!

It just happens my regular gigs like Musical Bingo UK and SFMQ will be in Brighton soon and also Tangled Feet are going to be doing more work down there. So I'm not going to give up entertaining the troops!

Also I have insider knowledge my favourite burger restaurant is launching in Spring. I cant tell you which one but if you know me, yes it is that one!!!! So my London home comforts and bread and butter and burgers and fun stuff are coming with me too.

I am also looking ahead to a new quiz show in collaboration with my events business partner Zoe. . . .

QUIZ BITCH will be beside the seaside very soon! More info on that soon.

If you are a Brighton dweller I would love to hear from you about great places to eat, drink, watch shows, gigs, attend quizzes, meet like minded people working in creative industries and beyond! Also my boyf is starting a bike repair business so hit me up for any cycling woes!

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